UCLA's Co-ed Entrepreneurship Fraternity
We Are

About SEP

Founded in 2010, Sigma Eta Pi is UCLA’s premier co-ed entrepreneurship fraternity. We are dedicated to creating a supportive community where members can develop their creativity, intellect, and problem-solving skills. We have diverse members from over 20 countries and studying over 40 majors. Our members have started ventures in every industry from education to technology.

What We Do

In SEP, our goal is to foster a community of entrepreneurially minded students who learn from each other and develop professionally. 

Internally, we host workshops, build projects, and have a vast professional network to help with career search and referrals in any industry.

Externally, we host BruinTank, a pitch competition where undergraduate and graduate students at UCLA can pitch to renowned judges. This past year, we had nine finalists pitch to investors from funds like TechStars to Microsoft’s Venture Capital Fund.

Our Core Values


Our members turn bold ideas into reality. We have a shared passion for thinking outside of the box and impacting the world around us, and have started over 50 ventures in industries from entertainment to technology.

Our members are industry leaders and have achieved success in a number of fields. We pride ourselves on taking initiative and going above and beyond in our pursuits.

Our members form a diverse, tight-knit community that pursues their dreams together. Our goal is to provide a second home for our brothers at UCLA and have experiences and memories together that will last a lifetime. 

Join Our Family!

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